A bit different this morning!

The difference between the first and second night is very apparent this morning.

As I type this, there is not a sound on the boys corridor. Well…apart from a delightful chorus of little snores.

Plenty of fresh air, exercise and giggling throughout the day has certainly taken its effect.

Today we will be tacking the real highlight of our trip….’The Leap of Faith’!!!!

However, with beds to strip and packing to be done, I feel there may need to be some considerable ‘shaking of legs’.

From where I am sitting on the corridor I can spot countless abandoned muddy socks and the odd pair of stranded ‘under crackers’ which will need reuniting with their snoozy owners.

Photos of our morning to come.


10 thoughts on “A bit different this morning!

  1. Wishing you all the very best for the Leap of Faith but…..you’re going to need more than good luck wishes for the packing by the sounds of it!!!! Get busy with the speedy packing and then there’s more time for fun πŸ˜‰ If you aren’t too exhausted I will look forward to seeing you all later πŸ˜ƒ Enjoy your day everyone……


  2. Good luck everyone πŸ‘!!
    “Once in a trip to Braeside
    I swept all my fears aside.
    I went off eighth
    On the leap of faith
    And made the leap with pride!”


  3. And one for the boys…
    “Sadly it’s the last day of your trip
    And you’re leaving for school in a bit.
    But I think it’s fair to suppose
    You’ve left half your clothes
    And your dormitories still look like a tip!”


  4. Good morning Onnee, just woken Kitty up…. I hope you had a lie in too. Good luck with the leap of faith. See you later, love Mum. Have fun everyone.


  5. Have fun everyone, looking forward to seeing you later and hearing all about it. Look after each other on the leap of faith! O_O


  6. Hey Barn! Hope you’ve got some dry clothes left!!! Good luck with the leap of faith……..GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you later, love mum


  7. Sounds like all the fun (and not enough sleep) has worn you all out. Can’t wait to have you home Ollie (even if you will be filthy and tired!). I am hoping we can make it to 4.15pm before you and Dan have your first fight! Looking forward to hearing all about it and working out what you have left behind! Mum xx


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